2021 PCS STEM Scholarship Award

2021 PCS STEM Scholarship Award
Yuliya Pruzhanskaya, recipient of 2021 PCS STEM Scholarship

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work
It is with particularly great pleasure that we announce this year’s 2021 PCS STEM Scholarship recipient, referred through the Technology Access Foundation. Yuliya Pruzhanskaya demonstrated her dedication toward pursuing a mechanical engineering degree at University of Washington, Seattle. We were impressed with her excitement for STEM studies and for her dedication to her family and community.
In 2021, PCS established $2,500 scholarships for students in our communities pursuing STEM studies, a small part of PCS’s larger DEI initiatives plan. The scholarship was created to deliver support to students of color and students under-represented in the STEM professions. PCS is in its fourth generation of ownership. The sustainable future of a fifth generation depends on a talented and diverse team to meet the needs of our clients and communities. This is the challenge of the AEC industry as a whole: its vitality hinges on the success of our collective ability to inspire and track students from underrepresented communities to STEM professions.
PCS saw an opportunity to become an active participant in bridging the diversity gap in STEM. We began working with STEM networks in our communities that work to improve STEM opportunities for students from underrepresented communities: Technology Access Foundation (TAF) in Seattle, Tacoma STEAM Network/Graduate Tacoma, and the Portland Metro STEM Partnership. The 2020 PCS Big Hearts putt-putt fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for these organizations went virtual. Our contributors were very generous and the event generated over $12,000 toward our local STEM organizations. But we felt we could do more.
PCS president, Craig Stauffer, forwarded the idea to provide scholarship support to students pursuing STEM studies. In addition, PCS gifted funds to help support student development and the Portland State University President’s Equal Access Scholarship Fund which supports students typically underrepresented in higher education and many first-generation, high-need students.
We’re gearing up for the 2022 PCS STEM Scholarship process and look forward to hearing from students across the region.
As PCS continues to invest in our understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion, we will continue to look for opportunities to face outward and help further diversity, equity and inclusion in our firm, our communities, and in the industry we love.