Peace Island Medical Center Attracts National Attention

Peace Island Medical Center Attracts National Attention
Peace Island Medical Center

Peace Island Medical Center has enjoyed great accolades this summer.
The American Institute of Architects Academy of Architecture for Health named the project one of four winners of AIA National Healthcare Design Awards in the "built, less than $25 million in construction cost" category. An article regarding the awards in Building Design & Construction Magazine relates the project's deep sustainability to both the island's limited resources and the values of the caregivers and community. Guided by the Living Building Challenge, the team maximized natural ventilation and daylight, reduced the use of energy and potable water, and integrated the facility into the adjoining forest, basalt slopes, and wetlands.
A cover story in Medical Construction & Design Magazine delves further into the challenges of the remote island setting, which heightened the need for a modern hospital while making the project's financial and resource challenges more difficult. A central theme was respecting and leveraging the site. This meant maintaining a low physical profile with minimal excavation, showcasing the surrounding forest through expansive glazing and operable windows, and reducing use of the island's limited water and energy. The team integrated wood and rock harvested from the site for building finishes, reinforcing the local feel and supporting the local economy. Today the community enjoys an outstanding level of healthcare, from the 24/7 emergency room and inpatient unit to telemedicine services for off-island expertise.
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