PCS Structural Solutions, a single-discipline structural engineering firm based in Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland, has formed an internal team of engineers focused on projects with specialized structural engineering needs. These projects include heavy and light industrial facilities, equipment support in new and existing structures, and non-building structures such as water tanks, detention vaults, and crane foundations.


Sound Transit Link Expansion Operations and Maintenance Facility

by Valerie Hendel

February 25, 2019 | Seattle, WA  |  Rick Oehmcke has been a foundational part of PCS Structural Solutions’ evolution since his arrival in 1987. On February 25, 2019, he will retire from a 38-year structural engineering career.


Rick Oehmke Structural Engineer
By Valerie Hendel
January 25, 2019 | Seattle, WA |You could say that Jim Harris—or Lou Billy—took the scenic route in his forty-one-year career—not as many straight lines in the trajectory that you might expect from a structural engineer. But it has a solidity to it, built on years of dedication, commitment and relationships.
“Let’s get lunch,” says Lou. “Do you mind a walk?” I grab my coat and we stroll through downtown Seattle. 

Please join PCS Structural Solutions in welcoming their newest staff members: Brian Krieger, Connor Moore, Jared Plank, Samantha Taylor, Spencer Sharma, and Valerie Hendel.
Brian Krieger joins PCS as a Project Engineer in the Tacoma office. Brian brings over 4 years of industry experience working on flood resilience and transit projects. His current work includes Olympia High School Addition and Modernization in Olympia, Washington and South Bend Elementary School in South Bend, Washington.

PCS Structural Solutions New Hires

by Alex Legé Valerie Hendel
Tacoma, Washington | On Saturday, October 20, 2018 Tacoma’s new Eastside Community Center opened to the public. The enthusiasm for the project goes to the heart of the community that experienced the need for a safe and vibrant community space and the participants that embraced that need.

Cross-Laminated-Timber CLT at entry to Eastside Community Center Pool in Tacoma Washington

by Valerie Hendel
In the same year that the Beatles played the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon, when gas was thirty-one cents a gallon, and an attempt to move the Cleveland Indians to Seattle fell apart, Hansen, Adams, & Chalker Engineers was established in Tacoma, Washington. Fifty-four years and a rebrand later, PCS Structural Solutions continues to build on its legacy, delivering structural engineering solutions to clients throughout the Pacific Northwest.

PCS Group photo in Portland, Oregon

By Bret Maddox
Natrona County High School in Casper, Wyoming, stood relatively untouched for nearly 100 years, until the four-story, concrete-and-masonry structure finally underwent an over-$100 million renovation and addition, completed late last year.
All told, the facility encompasses over 300,000 square feet of renovated and new building area. Construction was completed in six phases over five years, with design beginning in late 2011.

10 Employees at Tacoma and Seattle offices promoted to leadership positions
By Erin Fahlsing
TACOMA, Wash. (July 13, 2018) – PCS Structural Solutions (PCS) has always credited its employees with the company’s successes. Fittingly, 10 engineers have been promoted to leadership positions to match the firm’s rapidly expanding client and project base.

By Erin Fahlsing
At 7:30am on July 5, 1977, Gary Beckner walked in to his first day of work with Chalker Engineers.  Now, three company name changes, four office moves, five promotions and 41 years to the day later, he will finish his last workday with PCS Structural Solutions this afternoon.