Alex Legé

Associate Principal

New technology is fertile ground for problem solvers, and Alex’s unique balance of adaptable and innovative engineering style makes him an extremely effective engineer and versatile designer. Alex has emerged as one of PCS’s cross-laminated timber (CLT) specialists, pioneering detail solutions and helping to bring CLT into prominence in the Pacific Northwest. He currently serves on the AIA Mass Timber and SEAW Earthquake Engineering Committees.

Alex grew up singing and has traveled the world performing with choirs and barbershop quartets. Music is central to Legé family life, and singing and playing together is a natural expression of Alex sharing who he is with his loved ones.

“Mass timber piqued my interest because it’s attempting to resolve some pressing challenges in our profession. The engineered materials composing mass timber are relatively new with design methods being developed at an incredible pace. We need to change our construction methods and materials to reflect deep environmental challenges and community resilience. This is an exciting, new technology. For it to be successful, there has to be strong collaboration between engineers, designers and manufacturers. I enjoy finding ways to link the two committees I serve, such as my recent work on a white paper on CLT diaphragms which is sponsored by the SEAW Earthquake Engineering Committee and written by the AIA Mass Timber Committee.”