Alisha Khadka

Design Engineer

Alisha is from Nepal and came to the US to pursue her master's degree in civil engineering at Lamar University. She brings a passion for structural engineering and for the impact it has on humanity. “Buildings last for a long time and people make memories with them.” Alisha designs, details and analyzes structures and structural components while collaborating with architects and members of other disciplines. She attends progress and planning meetings, participates in the construction phase, supports the engineering team and prepares structural calculation packages. Alisha is a part of the PCS’s Cold-Formed Steel Design Group, which analyzes and researches questions related to the material, and the Community Solutions Group which participates in charitable giving. In addition, Alisha is a member of the Equilibrium Committee of SEAW (Seattle chapter). When Alisha isn’t engineering, she enjoys outdoor activities, yoga, watching animated fantasy movies and spending time with loved ones.
“I love my coworkers and the work environment the most. Everyone supports one another and work together towards shared goals. I also feel blessed that I am surrounded by structural engineers all working in diverse projects. This helps me gain valuable work experience from diverse experts in my profession.”