Brian Phair

CEO | Managing Principal

Brian serves as PCS’s CEO and brings energy and vision for PCS as a single-discipline Northwest firm. A tenured Structural Engineer who grew up pounding nails and received a second major in Architecture, he is passionate about people and great architecture, and he thrives in the challenge of finding creative solutions that support his clients’ visions. Organizationally astute, Brian is generally two steps ahead of any challenge and demonstrates the collaborative spirit that is central to PCS’s culture and service. Brian is inspired when staff are excited and teams are collaborating and having fun. When not engineering, Brian enjoys community events that impact families, and cherishes time creating memories with his own family.
“Our partners put their hearts into their work. As an engineer, I want to show the greatest respect for their process. I don’t see problems. I see only challenges. Being able to visualize and give immediate and valuable feedback helps the process—we want to deliver what is needed at the right time. Developing genuine, respectful relationships is how we best serve our partners. We want their success.”