Craig Stauffer


Craig’s philosophy as a structural engineer is rooted deeply in his experience building his family home at his father’s side. His fascination with connections and details have inspired his best work with award-winning learning environments. A genuine appreciation for what clients need and want is Craig’s catalyst for questions that explore beyond the obvious. Craig leads PCS’s Public Projects marketing team, building relationships for this fast-paced market.
Craig is thoughtful about how PCS grows and evolves. He is highly intentional about building a team that functions collaboratively to its core. He works to create opportunities for the PCS team to work on exciting projects, to grow professionally and personally, and to support the community. When he’s not engineering, Craig is likely to be exploring the Pacific Northwest by bicycle.
“We have a highly collaborative culture, and we build relationships with amazing partners who value absolutely everyone who works with them. The result has a profound impact on our communities —we are making places better for people. When you think about it, thousands of students’ lives are affected in the life cycle of a single school building. I like to take new hires to school openings so they can have a visceral experience with the excitement of the students, teachers and families.”