Don Scott

Senior Principal

Don is a force of nature and brings tremendous drive to the field of wind engineering. Don’s college career shaped his life-long fascination, having researched wind load and velocity with Dr. Dale C. Perry at the University of Idaho. A fellow of SEI and ASCE, Don is also an integral thought leader helping to shape national standards for wind loads on buildings, serving as chairman of the ASCE 7 Wind Load Subcommittee and as president of the board for the Applied Technology Council. Don is at the forefront of structural design techniques and building code changes, and he provides extraordinary expertise to clients and colleagues. He is a national speaker and principal investigator for 2019 wind tunnel testing that will inform decisions as SEI develops the 2022 update to ASCE 7 Minimum Design Loads and Associate Criteria for Buildings and Other Structures. Don loves his time with family and is highly active in his local community and church. Don has led teams designing numerous significant healthcare and educational projects.


“Performance-based design allows engineers to be innovative and use their knowledge. I love the challenge of structural design. I’m always aware of how valuable a space is for the people using it—we are building structures that affect people’s lives.”