Doug Goodwin

Senior Principal

Doug’s early fascination with architectural studies shaped his sensibilities as a structural engineer. He works with the highest respect for the architectural vision and sees structural design as a part of the artistry. He’s perhaps best known for his high-end residential structures and enjoys crafting the unique details that help define the design aesthetic.


Doug’s cheerfulness fills a room. His colleagues are inspired by his willingness to explore ideas alongside designers and his ability to build trusting relationships. During the summer months, Doug finds inspiration with his family at the beaches on Hood Canal.
“Nothing is standard in high-end residential—each structure is unique. I like to develop a unifying scheme in my structural design. You have to fish out the patterns and be able to visualize in 3-D. It’s more than just engineering—you must have an eye to the aesthetic. I love the people I work with, and it gives me joy to do good work for them.”