Evan Olszko

Project Manager

Evan loves the flexibility of his role which moves between a design engineer and a project manager, depending on the needs of the client. Evan finds challenging, out-of-the-box projects the most rewarding. “I do calculations for the structural design and really enjoy the opportunity to work directly with clients. I love finding unique ways to solve problems.” He is a generous collaborator and mentor inside and outside of PCS and is actively involved in the Architecture Construction and Engineering Mentorship Program (ACE). When he’s not engineering, he’s involved with the ACE program and Structural Engineers Association of Washington’s Southwest Chapter Young Members Group. Three dogs and a list of home improvement projects also keep Evan busy after hours. He enjoys traveling and creating 3D models of the landmarks he visited.
“I was from a small town. I knew I wanted to go into engineering, but I had no idea what kind of engineering until later in my education. With ACE, I have the opportunity to expose high school students to structural engineering.”