Jack Pinkard

Senior Principal

Jack makes project management seem effortless. He leads with empathy for his clients and is a generous mentor. He prefers developing partnerships with clients and is a superb communicator. Jack is a leader on the Special Projects marketing team, which focuses on projects with specialized engineering needs. He brings structural leadership that is methodical, thorough, and innovative, and he’s not afraid to push the envelope to achieve his clients’ visions. To re-charge, Jack enjoys being outdoors with his wife and sons, skiing, hiking, playing tennis, and traveling.


“I love engineering. My father was a mining engineer. I always knew I wanted to be an engineer … on top of the ground. There is a huge variety of work in structural engineering, and each job provides a new and different set of challenges. I really just want to do a great job for people. By developing long-term relationships with my clients, I get a clear understanding of their needs and priorities. I take every job seriously. Even if it’s a small job, it’s important to my client, right?
Engineers don’t graduate knowing how to be project managers. My mentoring style has changed over time. I find opportunities for people to learn and experience self-discovery.”