Jason Collins


Jason holds a deep appreciation for the legacy of structural engineering. He’s a fourth-generation engineer who feels connected to the deep-rooted nature of the work PCS Structural Solutions provides to communities. He’s also clear about what makes for a rich and gratifying career, measuring success by the relationships he builds and the stories he helps create. Jason leads the firm’s Office and Life Science markets. Travel with his wife, Kelli, and their two sons feeds the family’s need for adventure and connection, and Jason is always game to face pre-sunrise calls for the three S’s—skiing, surfing and soccer.


“Of course, you want to work on iconic projects during the course of your career, but I feel it will be the relationships and experiences and the stories of how the buildings came to be that will be the most meaningful. Structural engineering is a precise discipline and yet incredibly creative, and the private development market is very exciting, fast-paced and challenging. Each project is unique. To best serve our client, we need to extrapolate a great deal of information and assess feasibility very quickly. It’s an exploratory process, and there is an art to knowing which questions to ask.”