Justin Lyons


Simple childhood trips to downtown Portland provided a lifetime of fascination for Justin. “My face would be plastered to the car window staring at the tall buildings that looked so cool.” When planning his career, Justin knew he wanted to work on those buildings that had held him in awe as a kid. A jack of all trades, Justin will always enjoy the challenge of any type of project and find a way to get it done. He brings a particular interest in wood and existing-building design. Justin and his wife share their lives with their two German Shorthaired Pointers, Hunter and Brady, and cat, Percy. When not at work, you might find Justin at one of Portland’s brew pubs enjoying a beer with his wife or perhaps watching football, playing board games, snowboarding, or camping at the lake. A trip to Croatia is also in the works.
“I love a challenge! The definition of engineer is “problem solver.” I really enjoy coming up with a creative solution when my first thought is how the heck is that going to work?