Kellie Filips

Project Engineer

Kellie received her B.S. of Civil Engineering from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and her M.S. of Structural Engineering from Seattle University. Kellie comes by her engineering chops honestly—her grandpa was a civil engineer, and her dad, sister and a handful of aunts and uncles are also engineers. “When we were kids, my parents bought us a Kinects rollercoaster kit that kept my sister and I entertained for years.” While Kellie enjoys the nuts and bolts of engineering, she has a passion for outreach as well, promoting STEM to young students. When she’s not engineering or exploring, Kellie is coaching varsity basketball at Seattle Prep or sharing outdoor adventures with her German Shephard/Black Lab, Hercules.
“I am passionate in promoting STEM to young girls and kids of color who have not been exposed to engineering/STEM. I was lucky enough to have a family legacy of engineering, which showed me what engineering looked like at a young age, but not everyone has that opportunity. I want young kids to see the practical, hands-on nature of engineering and to be able to see themselves as engineers.”