Luke Heath


Luke balances his passion for creativity and building daily both in and out of the office. Building on a family legacy of artists, he’s gone to the drawing board from an early age to create ideas and visions. Whether he’s using canvas, a hammer, or a wood lathe, Luke is always exploring, learning, and refining. This artistic appreciation makes him a valuable asset in preserving the architect’s vision and contractor’s goal on any project. 

Having been an engineer with PCS Structural Solutions since his graduation from Washington State University in 2002, Luke has led many of the firm’s award-winning projects and is constantly looking to push the boundaries of engineering possibility and project deliverables. His broad range of project experience clearly demonstrates his talent for creating simplicity out of complexity. 

Coming from humble roots, Luke spends a lot of time giving back to his community. Whether he is mentoring high school STEM students, serving on local city boards or volunteering with regional engineering committees, he’s always trying to inspire others to live a fuller life.