Luke Heath

Associate Principal

Luke brings his artistic creativity to his structural design. From an early age, he’s gone to the drawing board to create ideas and visions. Today, he brings an enormous capacity for innovative thinking and structural leadership to help create legacy projects. Luke focuses on building connections with partners who share a community vision. When he’s not engineering, Luke enjoys mentoring high school STEM students.
“What I’ve discovered is that structural engineering has the capacity to build community—for me that’s the real work. The K-12 and healthcare markets present enormous opportunities to bring value to our communities for generations. The evolving design trends in educational and healthcare environments place user experience front and center. The whole process becomes interesting and personal. We’re seeing the design-build project delivery model more often—I find the process very rewarding, because it allows partners to build trusting relationships through high-level collaboration.
I’m an artist, at heart, and structural engineering is my medium. Structural engineering is a way of thinking about problems, and we’re required to think creatively. I want to push the boundaries of engineering solutions and support the vision of designers creating legacies.”