Ted Ryan

Managing Principal

Ted’s talent for creative use of materials, attention to user experience, and thoughtfulness about surrounding environments adds depth and grace to his designs. He is a highly creative structural designer and brings his passion for craft and excellence to his projects. His portfolio includes traditionally framed residences as well as award-winning steel and concrete structures. Ted is a collaborator who brings passion for the design process and asking the right questions. When Ted isn’t designing, he’s enjoying time with his family or out fishing and hunting.


“I get really excited about a project from the start. It’s an amazing process exploring the owner’s needs, the architectural vision and how structural engineering can make it happen. I’m drawn to mixed-use and multifamily projects because they are so much a part of the community. How people use a living space is so interesting. As I lay out the joists or walls, I see someone making dinner or sitting on the couch. No matter how small the details, is my design making it better?

"Housing is an efficiency-driven market, and I love the challenge. Collaboration can’t be understated—many minds working toward a goal yields better information. You can check each other and ask risky questions. It takes humility to accept the questions, but in the end, it builds something excellent.”