Bainbridge Island Police Station and Courthouse


The City of Bainbridge Island purchased an existing medical office building to repurpose for a police station and municipal court facility. An extensive remodel was completed at the building interior to accommodate program changes, upgrade the Category II building to Category IV essential facility requirements, and pursue LEED® Silver certification. The project is expected to be completed in 2024.

Lifting a Risk Category II to Risk Category IV
The original 2014 medical office building was in very good condition but had been designed to Risk Category II seismic levels. To serve as a police station, the structure needed to resist Risk Category IV seismic forces and also required the adjustment of most of the entire bearing and shear walls.
To accomplish the owner’s goals and meet budget requirements, PCS analyzed the capacity of every existing seismic element. We maximized the seismic capacity that already existed in the systems. We then performed several iterations of strategically placing new shear walls so that as many of the existing elements as possible were not overstressed. This supplemental improvement approach saved significant cost and construction effort.

People-Centric Design Solutions
The existing public entry was an inviting space that the police department desired for a welcoming connection to the public. The entry, however, required seismic stability, so we needed a solution which would not impact the openness of the space. We created a design that allowed small steel rods to attach to existing structural framing and pass in front of the existing windows. This approach required minimal upgrades to the existing structural system, met seismic goals, and maintained the open, welcoming feel.

Image Credit: Coates Design