Centralia High School Renovation


Centralia HS was originally built in 1968. Although it has had small additions to the original building, no structural upgrades had been made to the structure since it was built. Since 1968, the building code detailing, geological understanding, and seismic understanding has changed considerably. Between the new programing needs and increased seismic forces, new lateral resist elements were required to bring the building up to current building code.
PCS performed an initial seismic study to identify deficiencies. The original structure—gym, locker room, classitorium, and portions of the library—were constructed with grouted brick masonry walls and reinforced with steel reinforcing bars. The entire roof of the high school was constructed with laminated tongue and groove decking overlaid with plywood sheathing.
A complete seismic retrofit was required per the building department as the total value of improvements exceeded the minimum ICC Code seismic trigger based on square footage costs. We also substantially altered/renovated more than 30% of the building, which was also a seismic upgrade trigger.
photography by Walker Photography