Gilmartin Residence


Located at the top of a hill in Tiburon California, this home takes advantage of an amazing view that overlooks Richardson Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. The project features daring roof overhangs around the entire perimeter and at multiple elevations. The main entry features the largest overhang, with a 21-foot cantilever that tapers down to 1-1/2” thick at the edge. Clerestory windows below the high roof flood the home with natural light, while cantilevered steel columns supporting the roof allow it to "float" above the walls.
The landscape design required extensive site structures, including several types of complex water features ranging from infinity edge reflecting pools to cascading terraces, as well as a tennis court with adjacent trellised observation areas, support for large sculptures, stone clad screen walls, serpentine retaining walls, swimming pool and a spa.
Architect: Olson Kundig