Heavy Industrial


Modern industrial facilities and their systems are more complicated than ever. Evolving equipment, technology, flexibility, and speed of construction all demand attention. PCS Structural Solutions embraces this complexity and creates order—with focused Structural Engineering Expertise, teamwork, innovation, analysis, and hard work. Heavy Industrial structural consulting is a unique market, and it takes unique skills. PCS’s history of pioneering advanced delivery methods, creating patents for innovative structural systems and providing deliverables through 3D Visualization has resonated positively and deeply with our industrial clients. We have consulted for large oil/gas companies, aeronautical companies, mining companies, public utilities and conveying companies around the country.


PCS can also provide High-Definition Laser Scanned “point clouds” allowing for precision as‐builts of existing structures. Photographic panoramas also aid to catalog content. We have the proven expertise to turn this raw data into valuable 3D BIM models for collaboration and clash detection with equipment on large industrial campuses, substantially reducing field modifications, construction duration, and industrial down time.


We have a deep and valued resume of multiple projects ranging from $10M local industrial projects to $200M heavy industrial campus modifications around the country. Confidentiality agreements in this highly competitive market keep us from showing photos of the range of our work. Give us a call, and let us show you what we can do for you.