The Lurana


The Lurana is a 76,500 square-foot, three-story mixed-use residential building. Sitting on the south end of the historical Percival Landing site, the Lurana provides waterfront living within walking distance of Olympia’s cultural center. The two upper levels contain 44 units, with retail space on the lower level. The building is comprised of two large structures interconnected by an integral bridge and expansion joint, which allows differential movement during seismic events.
Weak soils, liquefaction and potential flooding were challenges to the site. Structural solutions included 12-inch diameter wood piles and a series of pile caps; grade beams and thick slabs on grade were used and supported by piles. A series of stem walls were set to protect from future flooding. Parking is provided at the lowest level and a post-tensioned transfer slab is placed above to provide support for the two levels of wood framing above. 
Photo credit: Walker Photography