Mt. Tahoma High School


Mount Tahoma High School is a $56.5 million, 270,000 SF high school for 1800 students in the Tacoma School District.  To help strengthen relationships between students and staff, four independent personalized learning environments “schools within a school” were created.  Each of these environments accommodated approximately 400 to 450 students with a student commons area linking the academies with wide spaces and sweeping structural elements framing the space overhead.  A true 21st century high school that was completed on time and $2,000,000 under budget thanks in part due to PCS Structural Solutions Integrated Steel Design process.  Lead by PCS over 1900 tons of steel was produced from over 3000 drawings and provided a 5 month schedule advantage.  Integrated Steel Design is a trademarked 3D delivery method utilized by PCS even before anyone was using the word "BIM" – a unique process that informed an early solution paving the way for PCS to become industry leaders in Building Information Modeling. This project won the CEFPI 2005 Merit Award.