Thurston County Tilley Road Campus Improvements


The Thurston County Tilley Road Campus Improvements project consists of three new buildings, including an emergency operations center, administrations office building, and a pre-engineered vehicle storage building, as well as a feature courtyard connecting existing portions of the campus with new. Between the three buildings and site structures, building materials range from wood to steel to concrete to masonry giving the campus and eclectic mix of textures. All of the buildings feature unique entry canopies and exposed structural elements. The 12,000 square-foot Emergency Operations Center features exposed glulams with car decking and an open layout for programing. The three-Story, 25,000 square-foot Administrations Office Building features exposed structural steel and concrete with a basement daylighting to the courtyard.  Along with an array of canopies and sunscreens surrounding the building, the roof and floors contain various shapes and profiles giving the building a unique look from every angle. The central courtyard contains elevated steel bridges with cantilevered canopies which provide protected but open access between buildings. Cantilevered concrete stairs provide access points to the bridges and a concrete fountain and pool create an inviting gathering space for campus employees.