Woodinville High School Addition and Modernization


Set in the forested suburbs ringing Seattle, the Woodinville High School replacement and modernization exemplifies not only a distinctive design, but a creative strategy and construction approach. To deliver to the school district the facility it desired despite the reality of unsure funding, the project was broken out into multiple phases of construction. The modernization consisted of 150,000 square feet of three-story classrooms, performing arts theater, library, administration, cafeteria and kitchen. The high school was constructed on a sloping site and built within tight proximity to existing structure and utilities that had to remain in use throughout the duration of construction. The library, cafeteria and kitchen had to operate within the existing campus whether or not remaining phases were funded. Building Information Modeling (BIM) became a valuable tool in solving challenging site conditions and melding the old structures to the new. All buildings were modeled to allow site-wide visualization of the entire campus approach.